Laura’s Township Tours background

Laura’s township tours is operated by Laura Ndukwana who is a born and bred Guguletu Township resident. Being involved in tourism for 14years, I am not only a guide of the highest quality, but also actively involved in many community projects aiding in the upliftment of local township children. With my infinite knowledge of the area, I am the perfect guide for your township experience.

Despite the poverty and harsh reality of the townships, the willingness of township dwellers and the need to share their stories with other people is what shows their determination to change their childrens’ life. I unpack my life story growing up in Guguletu, the second biggest township in Cape Town, with half a million people and the day to day living of people living in these areas. I will share with visitors the hardship but also highlight the success stories and also the role that I am playing in this community: getting involved with education for children, running a breakfast club for them; a school for 200 children in my community. I am also offering visitors an opportunity to visit my evangelist church on Sundays: a very charismatic church, my home and my family and you get to visit the different areas in the townships and see the role I have played in assisting children in my community.