Guguletu Township

Gugulethu or Guguletu is a township 15 km from Cape Town.
The main route, Steve Biko Drive (formerly known as NY1), runs through this township. The apartheid planners did not give names to any of the roads, all were simply numbered. NY1 stood for NATIVE YARDS 1. There has been strong pressure for many of the apartheid era terms to be named properly, which resulted in the City of Cape Town renaming it to Steve Biko Drive in September 2012.

The name is a contraction of igugu lethu, which is Xhosa for our pride. Gugulethu itself was established in the 1958 due to the overcrowding of Langa Township which was the only black residential area for Cape Town at the time. During the Apartheid era black South Africans were not permitted to live in the city of Cape Town and many people were removed from areas such as District Six to Gugulethu, Nyanga and Langa. The predominant language in Gugulethu is Xhosa.