Nondzame Preschool

Nondzame Educare Centre was started in 2006. Children at Nondzame Educare Centre face many challenges:
They are from desperately poor families average income was R0.00 – R25,000 per year and conditions have not improved much since. Get Nondzame children educated by donating: Donate to restocking the Nondzame grocery,furniture, resources and equipment. Give your time by joining me on our cooking tour for the day at Nondzame school and feed 200 children a day!

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  1. Caroline on Reply

    I got into contact with Laura during my three-month stay in Cape Town 2013. The “township experience”, how Laura calls it, is not only a tour, it was definitly much more than that. I am very gratefull for the moments I could experience. Beeing in one of the most wonderful cities in the world, let us often forget that there are not only beaches and nice restaurants. The time I spend with Laura and the kids in school is a memory I won’t forget. Thank u Laura

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