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  1. Dr. Ursula von Goldacker on Reply

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    Dear Laura, we visited your website with the intention to tell you that as we are growing older and mostly have to live on our pension now, we need to stop now our monthly donation of 100.-€.
    Yet reading about your most impressive projects which you created in the meantime, we can’t bring ourselves to withdraw our contribution. So we’ll try to continue for as long as we can.
    With love and our best wishes, Volker & Ursula from Hamburg in Germany


    Dear Laura,
    Thank you so much for the visit and all that you taught us about the life in the townships and in your country. We were very touched and moved by your enthusiasm and all that you make for the children. We left some supplies for your school at the nine flowers guest house. I am sure that it will be useful for you. We’d like to do much more. We’ll never forget this experience and we hope to receive news from you.
    Where can I post a picture of our visit?
    Christine and Ian

  3. Heather on Reply

    It has been a couple of years since I was blessed with Laura’s township tour. When I met her and some of the kids she helps everyday I was in the area specifically to gain insight into the history and culture of not only South Africa, but the entire Sub Saharan region of Africa for my profession as a Foreign Area Officer in the military. This was a huge undertaking, in and of itself. Of all the experiences that I encountered. Laura’s was one of the most personal and insightful adventures during my trek across the region; it was also one of the most memorable. This is the uncensored and non-commercialized versions. I appreciate her efforts in so many capacities. Experience this life-changing opportunity with someone who lives it everyday and invests the money back into the community! Thanks Laura. I am forever grateful and forever changed!

  4. Laura on Reply

    Hello April

    Firstly let me thank you for joining me on this experience yesterday! I am humbled and at the same time moved by your comments. Everyday I am hoping to widen the circle of concerned people who visit the townships and that more good can come out this experience.

    All of us should look for means of transforming our world into one based on compassion. Poverty is a significant contributor to social disharmony, ill health, suffering and conflict. We must also feel a responsibility for other individuals, communities and people who make up the human family as a whole. The universal principle of the equality of all human beings must take precedence.

    There is a great and growing desire for change in the world; change that ushers in a renewed commitment to human dignity as well as human responsibility. We need change that educates and promotes the urgent need to care for others; I believe that these goals can be achieved on the basis of increased awareness. And this is the awareness I like to create when I invite people to join me on the journey to the townships. Let us stay in touch and never stop doing good to the whole world. Thank you for your visit. Laura

  5. April Trinh on Reply

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for your beautifully township tour! I’ve been visiting Cape Town for 2 months and your tour is by far one of my favorite experiences so far… and I’ve done a lot!

    Your tour was excellently run and I truly felt I got real glimpse into township life- the unfortunate as well as the inspiring. Your facts, personal stories and beliefs are very moving and I am touched by your convictions and your commitments to servicing others.

    I too believe transformation begins with education, self-empowerment, service and community mentality.

    I recently volunteered as a teacher in a school in Zanzibar, Tanzania and was previously looking to be involved in the Cape Town townships but was unable to find a program that worked for me. Although I’m leaving soon I’m looking forward to passing along your tour and program info to everyone I meet moving forward!

    Good luck with the miracles you are creating daily!

    Much love and respect,

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