To provide you a unique and close impression of what it means to live and work in a township I designed three different tours you can choose from. During each tour you will visit the Langa and Guguletu townships and experience the typical facets of life there, but the focus of each tour is slightly different. Please note that you are welcome to bring stationery (pens, books, etc.) on all the tours for donations – the kids will love you.

I. The Intro Tour

The township experience starts in Langa, the oldest township in Cape Town with two hundred thousand people. We start with the men’s hostels – a home where my father lived many years ago. Afterwards we visit two historical sites in Guguletu, the second largest township in Cape Town. On a weekday you will have the opportunity to visit a school where you can see the daily routine of about 200 children. We end the tour by visiting a traditional doctor in his home and you have the chance to witness the doctor throwing the bones and telling you what the future holds (We don’t visit the doctor on Sundays).

Availability: Monday to Sunday from 9.30 am until 1.30 pm
Price: R400.00 per Person
Minimum participants: 2 people (R600.00 for a one person-only tour)

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II. The Gospel Tour

This is one of my favourite tours as we visit the two townships and afterwards you will end up with a moving church service in a charismatic evangelist church. I call it the “township worship”! At this church you experience township life at its best and you have a very good opportunity to listen to real township gospel music. If you are in town on a Sunday, you should definitely go for this tour. Don´t miss it!

Availability: This tour is only available on Sunday mornings from 9am until 1pm.
Price: R400.00 per Person
Minimum participants: 2 people (R600.00 for a one person-only tour)

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III. The Cooking Tour

This a half-day township cookery tour and truly and immersive experience. The tour again starts in Langa township and ends in Guguletu township. There, you will go to Nondzame Preschool where 200 happy faces are waiting for you to prepare a delicious meal with our famous chef (Lady Gaga) at noon (12 0’clock). After you serving the meal, we complete the tour by touring Guguletu township.

Availability: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am until 1.30 pm
Price: R700.00 per person (Mininum 2 people)
The price includes return transfers from the city, one refreshment, ingredients for the meal, an interactive cooking workshop and the opportunity to offer a meal to 200 children which is priceless 😉

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  1. Tom WIlliams & Family! on Reply

    This is the second time i have met Laura and taken a tour into the townships, she is a fantastic person with an extremly addicitve personality. Lauras passion and ambition to inspire young children in the townships is incredible. One of the nicest and most genuine perople I have met and I urge anyone who is looking to visit Cape Town to take a tour, see the real South Africa and most importantly make a friend for life in Laura!

  2. Pola&Fabian on Reply

    Hey Laura,

    we, Fabian and Pola, were very impressed by you and your Township-Tour. We felt very safe during the whole tour and everything felt very personal to us. On one hand, it was a plessure to see all the children beeing so happy with their lifes but on the other hand, it was very sad to see the poverty which is right next to our lifes. You definetly brought us to the right places. You provided us an insight in your and your family´s life. I loved the way you told us about the current situation in the township and even your personal past.
    We really want to thank you again for that impressiv and also emotional day!
    Kind regards,
    Pola and “dry-Rasta´´ 🙂

  3. Sally Spicer on Reply

    We did the intro tour with Laura in early March. This should be top priority for a visit to Cape town. Laura is an extraordinary woman who despite an extremely tough life has managed to create her lovely school . It really is life changing to see how she has coped despite so much adversity and to see how others cope with so little.

  4. Susanne on Reply

    Today I did the Intro-Tour with a friend of mine. It was incredible! Laura was an amazing guide, she showed us his brother’s house, the kindergarden and the townships in general. She is really really open minded, answers every question and is very nice!!
    Thank you Laura for this great experience in the townships with all the nice people.

  5. Mechtild Höne on Reply

    We did the tour in October 2013! It was an amazing experience. Laura is an incredible guide who shows you everything without giving you the feeling of being voyeuristic. She is a wonderful person I admire. I would not want to miss this experience.
    Thank you so much for this very special tour!

  6. Alex & Georgina Perry on Reply

    Recommended by Matthew at Nine Flowers Guesthouse, had an amazing and thought provoking tour around Langa & Guguletu townships. Like most people we were a little apprehensive in going to a township but there was nothing to fear, Laura seemed to know everyone and having lived in a township all her life was very knowledgeable which made for a very interesting and informative tour.
    Thank you Laura, we will be in contact to get the details of the school so we can donate.

    Alex & Georgina

  7. Ann McCarley on Reply

    My daughter and I were in Cape Town September 2012. We stayed at Nine Flowers Guest House, where Matthew recommended and booked for us a township tour with Laura. Of all the amazing adventures we had in South Africa, the 3 hours we spent with Laura are the ones that made the strongest impression on me, and I will never forget her or the children who we met. As most outsiders are, we were nervous about going in to the township (would we be safe? would be feel like intruders?) but we felt so comfortable and so accepted by the wonderful people who Laura introduced us to.
    We took the Intro Tour, as we booked the same morning and didn’t know the options. If we ever find ourselves in South Africa again, we will go back to Guguletu to feed the children on the Cooking Tour and also to experience the church service which we heard about but only imagine in our minds. Until then, we will support Laura and her programs.

  8. Laurette Walker on Reply

    My sister and I went came to South Africa in 2007. My sister who lives in California won a trip for 2 any place in the World, and my sister chose South Africa. We stayed in Joburg for 3 days, before coming to Cape Town for the remainder of our stay. We employed the services of township tours, and what an experience we had. Laura greeted us after we returned from our tour of Robben Island. We had to opportunity to experience the Township tour and the Gospel tour, which left my sister and I in awe. Laura is a dedicated woman whose mission is for the Future generation ( The children) of South Africa will know a new South Africa. The township experience changed my life for eternity. Laura makes you feel so comfortable and she is forthcoming with information and gave me a history lesson that I will never forget. Laura is a lovely woman whose Life’s work of significantly contributing to the well being of All South African Children.
    Thank you Laura for all your generosity and Kind heart.
    We will coming to see you soon, to help you , help the Children of South Africa.
    Laurette Walker
    Boston, Mass
    United States of America

  9. Family Britschgi on Reply

    We were in Januar 2013 in Southafrica, and made the Township tour with Laura. It was intressting too see how the People lifes there in the Town Ships. Laura is a big Mama for all the children there, i think. She is a very beautiful, lovely person. She makes every child a smile on face, with what she does. She shows the children a little other wonderfull world. back.
    Thank you Laura. I will come back, and will help you.:)
    In Love
    Loan (13) from Switzerland

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